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Originally Posted by teknochild View Post
i did this to check it out today, see if the whole BO sound was as gay when its in your car as it is when you hear it on another peoples cars... i dont think its for me (especially since if your trying to cruis @ 60 you get a light woosh thats really annoying whenever you go from tiny bit throttle to none)

anyway, a few things occured to me, 1: the engine bay is hot, dont forget some materials will probably melt, i used 1 inch ID vinyl tubing and a pvc end cap (least ghetto i could think of, no electircal tape, i bet it would NOT do its job after heating up once or twice)

after that i noticed something else, between shifts it doesnt bleed all the pressure just a quick pop then it closes again, but if you leave it in gear it will stay open, seems like when its out of gear theres less vacuum as the engines reving down rather then being held at higher speeds by the wheels; and if this is true, then theres no way in hell its going to pen any other time and suck air in (that was pretty dumb idea in the first place)

besides that i liked it more than i thought i would, but not enough to keep it i dont think
Teknochild, do you have PROcede, I cant recall? How does it compare in note to the TiAL and AA kits? can you actually hear it with the windows up without PROcede? The TiAl kit I have was practically forgettable untill I installed PROcede, now it's almost obnoxious as it's so much louder and sounds off under less that WOT and at lower rpm's.. My GF never even commented on the TiAl untill I nstalled PROcede, and then she instantly noticed the effect. I like it, but it may well get old quickly with the extra boost.

What's your theory on the valve dynamics you mentioned? Why would it behave differently than the aftermarket BOV's?