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Take it from someone who's been in the game for years..

At your age is test levels are sky high and if your not making gains then your diet and work out routine needs some heavy tweaking.

Over the counter test boosters are garbage. The few that did work were banned back in like 04 or 05. The crap you get today will only boost some company's bank account. I wont get into the "real" test boosters because your don't need that shit at your age. So lift natural for at least another 5 years before you even think about this shit again.

Here is another little bit of advice; the real stuff boosts both test and estrogen levels because excess test coverts to estrogen. When your "on" your test levels are greatly boosted so the estrogen levels are not really an issue. Now what happens when you get off? Test levels drop to that of a 12 year old girl because your natural test levels were killed off when you were on the syntheic stuff. People that don't know shit say that "Test" makes your penis shrink. They are slightly right but it's your testicles that shrink and that's because they are no longer needed to produce testosterone. So when your off you better know what do get to counter act the estrogen and get your test levels normal. Until your test levels get back to normal and your estrogen decreases you will start to lose your gains, start getting depressed, and pretty much stop working out. I seen this shit happen time and time again to guys who figured they knew what they were doing. By the way this is just a simple look at the situation but the rabbit hole goes a lot deeper.

Moral of the story. Stay natural and don't even look at anything that will boost your test until you know what the hell your doing. And you seriously better know what the hell your doing if your going to mess with your body's hormonal levels.

Drill this into your head
YOU GROW IN THE KITCHEN AND NOT THE GYM. Get your diet and rest on point, the muscle will follow. Also if you spend your weekends getting piss drunk then don't even bother trying to grow muscle. IF that's the case you need to alter your lifestyle ASAP.
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