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Originally Posted by rahili View Post

I have to ask you, were you happy with the level of service of the official BMW dealerships, assuming you went to one? Were the repairs conduncted to a spotless level?

I have to say when I my picked up my 330 IM sport from the dealership (i.e. brand new), I was stunned to find out that my wind screen had scratches, not huge ones but very tiny ones. They are hard to see but when the sun shines straight into the windscreen, they are visible. As I hadn't touched the car, I could only conclude that the people at the garage must have done a pis poor job, (i.e. cleaned the car with a dirty cloth or something...) Anyway, I really hope when the dealership fix the job, it will be impossible to tell! As all BMW drivers are, we have an eye for detail don't we?

The dealership don't deal with the repairs directly, but there is a bodyshop that they use which is BMW and Porsche approved. They did a superb job of the repair and spray, but managed to damage the interior trim near the mirror cover. When I pointed this out they immediately apologised and sorted the damage.

As far as my experience of BMW dealerships goes, I am disappointed with the overall attitude so far. After I ordered my car their communication was terrible, the sales guy didn't have the car ready for me when I came to collect it and drove it from the carpark way too fast in 1st gear to 'demonstrate the engine noise!' :mad: The best they offered me after complaints about their service and attitude was 10% off some mats. I would hesitate to use the dealership a second time. Mazda's service was way better when I had my RX8.