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making his own parts.

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Check it out ya'll!

here it is installed in my car, (harder than I thought w/ all the crimping, soldering, shrink wrapping to make it all clean.)

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verdict? It sounds pretty good (I kept all my stock speakers), mids are a lot less aggressive now, bass is deep an low. Highs could still need some help (I put +3 on the HU for treble)

All in all, was it worth the $350 and time I spent to install it? not sure, and I wonder if I would have been better served to have spent the money on some front speakers?

I like super clean sound and was pissed when I heard static the first time I powered it on. The gain for this amp needs to be turned all the way down. (I have the subs 1/4 up for their gain).

Anyway, I'm happy to have the ability to change/modify the settings on my system to my listening preferences now, thats for sure.

For Sale: Jet Black pre-LCI front bumper/hood/trunk lid, oe tail lights, 2 oe 16 inch rims w/ good tires. PM w/ offers.