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Originally Posted by allmotorh22 View Post

All in all, was it worth it? not sure, and I wonder if I would have been better served to have spent the money on some front speakers?

I like super clean sound and was pissed when I heard static the first time I powered it on. The gain for this amp needs to be turned all the way down. (I have the subs 1/4 up for their gain).

Anyway, I'm happy to have the ability to change/modify the settings on my system to my listening preferences now, thats for sure.
Yes, you are amplifying sucky speakers, and your factory woofers will blow pretty soon. They can't handle the power. In fact, that amp is putting 100W into every channel, so I figure any speaker might blow soon.

But you don't have the ability to really tune your system. You have a crossover and a gain adjustment. You don't have any more EQ than you had before. You don't have L and R output levels.

I'm afraid this experience is why I don't recommend that people amplify HiFi speakers.
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