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ar design N54 3" downpipes - perfect fitment, EVERY time!!

ar design 135i Hi-Flo 3" Off-Road Downpipes - $729

Order Here:


- The only TRUE 3" off-road downpipes currently on the market! 3" tubing until cat-back flange - all systems currently on the market reduce to 2.5" much closer to the turbocharger.

- 100% hand crafted in the USA from premium 304 stainless steel - flanges and O2 bungs included!

- Water-jet cut 304 stainless cat-back flanges, and CNC'd 304 stainless V-Band flanges.

- 100% TIG welded, argon back-purged.

- Set of our exclusive bomb-proof exhaust gaskets included.

- Grade 10.9 Metric hardware (145,000PSI tensile strength, C32-C39 rockwell, zinc plated), and nord-lock positive locking re-usable washers included.

- Factory location O2 bungs

- Available with a 2000F ceramic coating. Coatings come with a 3 year warranty against corrosion and rust to original owner.

- Lifetime warranty against any manufacturing defects given to original owner.

- We do NOT grind/polish our welds as some other manufacturers do. Grinding welds compromises the strength of the weld, and can lead to weld failure! Especially critical in applications exposed to temperatures in excess of 1200F. Such temperatures will also rapidly deteriorate the polished finish.

ar design 135i 3" Downpipes w/Race Catalysts - $1029

Order Here:

For those who want to run aftermarket downpipes on the street we also offer our 3" downpipes w/race cats!

Emissions Report for my 335i with our Catted 3" Downpipes on 10-15-2008.

ar design N54 Bomb Proof Exhaust Gasket Set - $25

Order Here:


- Metal-clad bomb-proof gasket material. Designed and manufactured right here in the USA.
- Totally eliminates those persistent exhaust leaks from downpipe to catback connections.
- Features a 2 1/2" internal diameter, unlike the 2 3/8" internal diameter factory gaskets. If you are using an aftermarket cat-back, this is especially important!
- Gaskets are re-usable.
- Price is for a pair of gaskets.
- OEM gaskets at BMW dealer cost over $17, and many dealers do not even stock them. We have these in stock and ready to go!
- Compatible with any downpipe/cat-back that uses the factory style downpipe flange, and works great on a factory exhaust system as well.
- Compatible with the E6X/E8X/E9X equipped with N54 engines.

ar design Extreme Exhaust Hardware Set - $15

Order Here:

Downpipe to catback fasteners coming loose, causing annoying exhaust rattles and leaks? Hardware seized up and rusted out?

Look no further! Our new hardware kit is the perfect solution. Includes class 10.9 Metric hardware (145,000PSI tensile strength, C32-C39 Rockwell, Zinc Plated) and NORD-LOCK positive locking re-usable washers. These washers use a wedge locking action to create tension instead of friction to create a positive lock. When the bolt and/or nut is tightened the teeth grip and seat the mating surfaces. The NORD-LOCK washer is locked in place, allowing movement only across the face of the cams. Any attempt from the bolt/nut to rotate loose is blocked by the wedge effect of the cams.

Kit Includes:

- 4 class 10.9 zinc coated metric bolts
- 4 class 10.9 zinc coated nuts
- 8 Nord-Lock or Wave-Loc washers

If you are concerned about scratching the coating on your coated downpipes, select the "Coated Downpipes" option and we will replace the Nord-Lock washers with Wav-Loc washers that will not scratch the coating.

Add our gaskets to your order as well for a complete fastening and sealing solution!