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Originally Posted by Hokie 335i View Post
So I tried wiring my Passport 8500 to the fusebox last night and after 2 hours had to give up. What I did was went out and bought a black phone wire. Cut the end off the wire and inside there were 4 more wires (green, yellow, red, black). Used the red wire as the power and the black as the ground. Crimped on a spade end (crimping these tiny wires is IMPOSSIBLE as they slip out too easy!) to the black one and then put it under the torx for the ground. Then I crimped the red wire to the mini fuse adapter, put in both 5 amp fuses and hooked it back up. The homelink still works but NOTHING on the radar detector. Can anybody tell me what I may have done wrong? I am pissed because it took like 5 crimps each to get the wires to stay in and even after getting everything in it still didn't work!
It's impossible to crimp the tiny phone line wires....

here's a word of advice...go to radio shack and buy the telephone wire connectors:

Very easy to use. You strip the wire and put it in one of them, then you take the other and put it in the next hole next to the wire you want to connect. When all is said and done, just press down the red button and it will lock in good.

Found out this when replacing the garage door sensors that had been wrecked by my mother using my dad's '86 caddy

2nd option, get the V1 direct-wire power adapter:

you hardwire the standard wires to ground and the fuse tap...then you plug in a phone wire. It's like connecting a phone in your car...same way as you do it in a house.

Now where does everyone get the fuse tap for the E90? I tried to find one at a radio shack and apparently they don't carry the one for the mini-fuses...
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