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George - welcome! This is bound to be a very popular and useful thread, and I'm glad to see a detailer/vendor aboard!

Coincidentally, I was just doing some browsing on the Zaino site and thinking about buying some products. I fall into the 'keeps his car in really nice condition", but not to the level of show car, etc. I have for years used Mequire's products with satisfactory results for the most part, but I would also love to take it a step further. I've been researching the use of clay (even bought a bar that I have yet to use). I just took delivery of my third BMW, a '07 328xi in Alpine White. I'd like to give her a good start.

Would you recommend using clay on a brand new car? I think BMW does a good job of subjecting cars to minimum elemental damage during the shipping process, but I'm sure contaminents find their way on.

Any advice on using Zaino vs. off-the-shelf products?


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