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Question about rims, tires, and comfort on 328i sedan

Hey guys,

I just bought my first BMW a few months ago, a 2007 328i sedan, black on black. It's got the stock 16" rims on it, and I was thinking of trying to get 18"s on it instead, particularly these:


I'm very content with the comfort of my ride right now. I don't feel the road at all, and I like that a lot. My main question is:

would getting bigger rims make my ride less comfortable? Would I feel the road more? and to what degree?

This is definitely a deciding factor on whether or not I upgrade the rims on my car. As played out as it may be, i think it would look aesthetically sick to have a blacked out car, rims included, since I'm tinting the windows and changing the lights and etc, but if it ends up making for a shittier ride then it isn't worth it.