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Originally Posted by Litos View Post
i'd get worked.

if there was a way you could "dial in" about 6 or 7 psi with the boltons, i still think it would be a great run.

i would need a cam and retune to stay with your JB3.

5psi in stock form is pretty close to a stock SRT8, but going into a run with a 16/17psi 335 is committing vehicular suicide, LMFAO !!!!
i could turn it down to map 3 - that would put it at around 10 Psi if i remember correctly. Or Map 0 would put me back to a stock map but i'm not sure if thats a good idea with full boltons. Would I be running too lean? ( Airflow > Fuel )

Originally Posted by Litos View Post
so if a person has a bone stock 335/135 but they have a JB3, map 5 will give you the safest but most reliable power, correct?
Right now I just have the DCI with a JB3 on Map 5 and my car flies!! And no problems!