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Originally Posted by EYE4SPEED View Post
Subscribed - did my first at 5k using all BMW stuff. I plan on keeping the car, so now way I'd wait for their intervals. Interested to see what everyone else has to say.
Thats what i'm saying!! Its such a great car!

Originally Posted by jaybird124 View Post
True, but the detergents and additives are also depleted.
Yeah i feel like with that amount of time passing and the fact that diesel oils can mix w/ fuel and be ok I'd want to have a cleaner engine.

Originally Posted by maswastage View Post
I changed mine at 1600 and again at 7500, and then at 7500 intervals from then on. The oil I use is Mobil 1 5W30 EP. I trust my brother on this subject, so I'm using this oil based on his advice. We did an oil analysis a few changes ago and it seemed to confirm this is the oil to use for this engine, and it is good for right around 7500 miles. He posted the oil analysis on another forum:
Has he done any other analysis's as time has passed? on the d?

Originally Posted by jaybird124 View Post
Wish there was a DIY on flushing the urea tanks.
Flushing as to clean it or to fill it? I wish there was a way to remove them!!

It seems as the only oil we can use is that Castrol SLX low ash one. LL04 is just saying it works for Long life. Technically since we are doing a mid change halfway through we could put another oil in there thats not long life, as long as its low ash low sulfur to protect our DPF. right?

Thanks for all the useful information guys!

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