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Originally Posted by Coolieman1220 View Post
..,..Technically since we are doing a mid change halfway through we could put another oil in there thats not long life, as long as its low ash low sulfur to protect our DPF. right?
There is no such thing. Every oil suitable for your vehicle will have at a min ACEA A3/B4/C3 ratings and by definition these will always be extended drain oils.

Like I said earlier:

"In the US that basically means:
-Castrol SLX OE Prof 5w-30 available at BMW dealerships and maybe Audi/VW.
-Mobil 1 ESP 5w-30 (Pepboys, Autozone, etc)
-Valvoline MST 5w-30/5w-40 (NAPA, and probably others).
- Motul & Total (Has a few LL-04 but they're usually mail order only)"

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