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Originally Posted by ZuerstBMW View Post
Car Looks GREAT
Thanks! nice car collection!

Originally Posted by eurostylz View Post
damn those lefs looks really good man
yeah i am totally surprised myself!

Originally Posted by johnsonz1122 View Post
nice write up! how was the brightness? able to see it in sunlight juz like the gp?
i wish i can see ur car in person. XD u make me wanna swap my gp thunder out as well.
thanks! brightness is on the same scale as the GP Thunders, HOWEVER, the rings are more evenly lit (GP Thunders and stock bulbs tend to light up the inner rings too much). Thus at night, I can drive around and the inner ring won't be blindingly bright to the point i cannot make out the inner ring.

stock is the most visible during the day, but again the inner ring tends to "blob" if you will and i much prefer the City Visions during the day than GP Thunders or stock. In terms of direct sunlight, it is harder to pick out the LEDs because of its color temperature vs GP Thunders. But again, i much prefer LED's over halogens because of its color and they are very visible if the sun is overhead and even more visible if its overcast.

if you ever come to Richmond, i'll be glad to show you the lights
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