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No - only made the four-pin harness for the controller and the four-pin harness for the CIC. The harness for the CCC/CIC is the same as the radio - no changes needed. The existing harnesses in the car are left alone (and stock.) The OEM harnesses are integral with the WHOLE CAR, thus they were not replaced.

I would recommend consulting the BMW WDS to make sure the harness you make is exact for your car (build date/model). Technically, you can just "tap" the can-bus, power, and ground wires at the back of the CCC/CIC, but if you want to hook it all up as "stock", it must be tied into the JBE (so everything is on the correct fuse and factory diagnostics can work correctly.)

I would check the WDS first, then order (or "canibalize" from salvage wiring) the connectors for the CID and controller, and make the harness. Its very simple, and if you choose to hook it up the simple way, can been tested and hooked-up in no-time. I chose to do it the harder way, just so everything looked/worked correctly to the factory tools. If the controller and CID are just "tapped" into other bus/power sources, it will still work, but an error code will occur on the factory diagnostic computer (it will not give you any indication of a problem, it just won't appear "stock" to factory technicians, if you choose to take it to a dealer.)