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resuming iphone music when call/phone disconnects

Hi all,

I have a 2007 335xi w/ iDrive that is paired with my iphone4 3GS and using the BMW ipod cable to connect with. My iphone connects fine and transfers contacts and works flawlessly except for one issue that occurs randomly but frequently enough to frustrate me.

I always use voice commands to initiate calls (hit voice command button on steering wheel, “call <name>”, “yes”) as opposed to hiliting the name/# in the idrive menu and I believe this issue (although I haven’t tried all scenarios) only occurs if I’m also listening to music from my iphone itunes (as opposed to the radio or CD). If the person I’m calling hangs up on their end first (as opposed to me disconnecting the call first) the call timer/counter will continue to ascend as displayed in the idrive screen with no sound heard either from itunes or the disconnected phone at the other end.

In order to get itunes music to play again
, I hit the phone steering wheel button which then proceeds to redial the phone# I just ended a call with. I hit the phone steering wheel button again and it stops the call in progress and displays a disconnected message and then the itunes music resumes playing where it left off.

Summary: Is there another way to get itunes music to resume playing after a call is disconnected (from the other party’s end).