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I drove the 335i today (drove the 335d a few weeks ago) I had it on a all-day test drive & managed 85 miles of "spirited" driving (~15mpg!)

You get more of a kick when flooring it, but i wouldn't say that it is a great deal faster then the 335d. It does sound mich better though Purrs to life rather than clatters when starting & sounds great up to 7000 rpm. I've always had diesels in the past so it sounds even better to me.

I can see the many advantages of the d, but I had more fun in the i The diesel was fast, but somehow effortlessly so, the i definatly engaged me more. Will I ever tire of paddling down a couple of gears and hearing it rev? I don't think so

Apparantly the wait at the moment is huge, sep, maybe even oct! (Garage man was rambling on about everyone was ordering the 335i, so they put it in it's own group to make it more exclusive, and that increases the wait??) The wait on the d is long apparantly now as well according to them.

The garage managed to find a spec changeable i though, arriving mid june, maybe earlier!

It's the old head vs heart arguement again! Head is shouting diesel, but I think heart will win out this time

Order going in tomorrow I feel