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Originally Posted by Booster4075 View Post
...and as said before, I spent about $1500 for this retrofit (after selling the stock dash and old Professional radio)-- probably much cheaper now that the 2nd-gen system is out and retrofittable.
what's the 2nd-gen system? i think the CIC hardware is the same as it was in 2009. to my understanding, the only that changed is the combox that adds a few features and new software.

i think the costs are extremely confusing despite having spent many hours reading about this. my understanding is that the parts themself are not all that expensive - about $1500 used on ebay (usually for a non-US version that does not include HD radio). i think around $2k+ if bought new from tischer. if you buy the new controller which requires a new center console trim, add another couple hundred dollars.

the coding on other hand is another extremely expensive cost - $1000 or so and another $700 or so if you want voice activation, or you can get a cheaper emulator chip for a couple hundred (patrys points out some deficiencies of this solution in his thread add combox, that's another $500.

that's my basic understanding of the options out there. not cheap at all when you add in all the coding required. someone please correct me if i am wrong.