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Sorry...confused myself on which forum I was on. (I retrofitted twice - first from no nav to the first gen (CCC), then up to the second gen system...the CIC)

Yes - costs van vary widely and its not a project to take on if you can't do some of the work yourself or if you are worried about warranty, etc... And at some point, you either bite the bullet or buy another car. Its that simple. ...and there may be bumps in the road...and you may have to drive around a while with it not complete until you get all your parts and programming lined up.

I would say Patrys has a good one-stop shopping solution... its up to you to get it installed (or better yet, do it yourself.) I ended up getting all my 2nd gen parts (less the dash & console trim) for around $1200..for the US version. Call the local salvage yards... get them to chop the harnesses you need too!

Yes..its not cheap. But either is sales tax alone when buying another car... assuming you could find exactly what you wanted.

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what's the 2nd-gen system? i think the CIC hardware is the same as it was in 2009. to my understanding, the only that changed is the combox that adds a few features and new software.

i think the costs are extremely confusing despite having spent many hours reading about this. my understanding is that the parts themself are not all that expensive - about $1500 used on ebay (usually for a non-US version that does not include HD radio). i think around $2k+ if bought new from tischer. if you buy the new controller which requires a new center console trim, add another couple hundred dollars.

the coding on other hand is another extremely expensive cost - $1000 or so and another $700 or so if you want voice activation, or you can get a cheaper emulator chip for a couple hundred (patrys points out some deficiencies of this solution in his thread add combox, that's another $500.

that's my basic understanding of the options out there. not cheap at all when you add in all the coding required. someone please correct me if i am wrong.