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Originally Posted by BigDog View Post
Question about pads... namely Edge 2000 6" pads

They are double sided with a quick attachment Drive Adapter....

Autogeek is saying one thing to me... Detail City is saying another... but basiclly it boils down to this...

What is the order of abrasiveness of the pads?
Autogeek says Yellow --> Green --> Orange --> Blue --> White
Detail City says Orange --> Yellow --> Green --> Blue --> White
Here are the pores per inch based on the 4 they have listed on the official Edge site:

50ppi - Yellow - Medium Cut
60ppi - Green - Light Cut
70ppi - Blue - Finish
80ppi - White - Ultrafine Finish

This varies from AutoGeek's measure of the Green (they have it as 50ppi) and they say the Orange is 60ppi. AutoGeek may have a special batch made for them as I know they had exclusive rights to the Orange for a while if I'm not mistaken.

I honestly am not sure what to tell you. Have you tried contacting Edge directly? Here is their contact information: Edge Contact Info

Originally Posted by prolix21 View Post
For those of us who don't live anywhere near yourself or picus (kevin), any tips on finding a good detailer in our area? Any specific questions we need to be asking potential detailer? Is there any sort of industry site or standard that lists 'certified' (for lack of a better term) detailer?

I've read a few posts here of rather unfortunate encounters with so called 'detailers', that have done more damage than good to some cars here. How do we avoid these types?

My car (black sapphire metallic) has unfortunately been the victim of the bmw dealer carwash (wasn't told they were going to do it), and then their 'detailer' in an attempt to fix the holograms done by the wash. Needless to say they didn't really fix it, just waxed over it. I've been looking for a detailer ever since, but am really unsure what to look for in a shop.

GREAT GREAT Question. In fact, my business partner, Greg, actually created a thread dedicated to this topic here on Detail University just last night. We're attempting to communicate with both professional detailers as well as detailing enthusiasts and create a checklist people can use when seeking a professional detailer. There are a lot of "detailers" out there that give the industry a bad rep and we're going to do the best we can to give members the proper information or at least the questions to ask when looking for a detailer. Our goal is to gather a bunch of information then create a cheat sheet people can print out and use when seeking a pro or should I say "pro".

I'd be weary of anyone that uses a rotary buffer unless you ask for references or see some of their work first hand under florescent lighting or in direct sunlight. This is typically where the worst stories I've heard stem from. There's also a good chance that a dealership will not do a good job. From my experience the local detailers at dealerships, including BMW, Audi and Porsche, hire 16 year old kids who don't know a thing about high quality detailing or ex-cons. They certainly aren't going to care about your vehicle the same as someone who is making a decent living off detailing.

This industry is one that can generally follow the rule "you get what you pay for". A skilled detailer knows that their talents are wanted and are in high demand and will typically show for that in their prices. I've had people laugh at me when I quoted them prices and then turn around and call me when another detailer messed up their paint even worse.

We are trying to put together a detailer directory over on Detail University where people can comment on the quality of work so others can benefit from other peoples experience. The site is under a month old so there's not a ton of people listed at the moment but it should grow over time and hopefully people will speak up about their experiences with people detailers both good and bad.

If you have any specific questions, I'd be more than happy to answer them for you.

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Hello George and welcome to the forum.
Thank you for the warm welcome, I am excited to be a part of E90POST!