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Originally Posted by BRAISKI View Post
I am planning to buy a new condo soon, so I am looking for some suggestions or inputs.

For ppl that bought it used what would you have liked to change if you bought a new condo?

For ppl that bought it brand new, what upgrades did you get and didn't get and which did you regretted?

I am wondering if getting a stainless steel appliance upgrade is really worth it, I personally dont care about it if its painted white/black. But it might good of future value.

But all the faucets I would like it to be brushed nickel or similar that is not shinny stainless steel.

Living room - Laminate/Hardwood
Kitchen - Tiles
Cabinets- ???
Rooms - Carpeted (not sure what type but something not to thick)

I'm not from canada, but you're really just asking personal choice options. I don't think anyone can really convince you either way.

Keep in mind you'll never be upset paying a little more up front for something you really want, you can only regret not getting something in the end. Especially if it requires construction, it's cheaper in the front end than retrofitting it... much like our BMWs.

As for your question of condos/townhomes the real question is utility.

1. How much will you have to pay in monthly maintenance fees?
2. What does that include?
3. Do you need separate condo insurance for the structure?
4. What utilities are not included
5. Are you an owner in the condo association, or just a member?
6. If it is an existing condo association, have they increased their monthly fees ever?
6a. If so why?
7. Who is in charge of the association?
8. Who do you appeal to if there are problems not resolved by the person or agency "in charge"?
(not condo association related)
9. What is the fire barrier between you and your neighbors? What is the insulation rating between the shared wall, and the sound deadening rating?

I'm a condo owner in a small complex (less than 30 units) in the US. It is a nuisance. You're really not saving much by having shared utility fees (plowing, water, sewer, trash removal, etc), and it becomes a struggle of power between neighbors.

I'd look for a stand alone home if you could afford one.