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Originally Posted by clairvoyant View Post
Would you rather drive a SLS AMG?
Ummm, probably. Its too bad the SLS doesn't have a 6MT.

We looked at the 7 series, and between the Panamera, S Class, and Lexus LS -- the BMW 7 series was the least impressive car; the Panny and S Class were the most impressive in contrasting ways.

7 series is a boat, the interior is to die IN c/o slitting one's wrists because its so depressing, and its kind of bland.

While the 5 series wasn't that impressive, it was the best in class (That mid-level luxury class is a rip off, its basically like buying a larger 3 series or larger C-class; at least at the level of the 7 series and Panamera, you get a much much nicer interior, seats, and in the case of the Porsche, handling to die for).

I think the 3 series and 1 series are the best cars that BMW makes.

Cars like the Z4, 6 series, SUVs -- this is not BMW's forte; their forte is 4 door sports sedans, that are 5-series or smaller.

The new 6 series looks pretty bland, like a 7 series without a roof; the last 6 series had character, now all BMW's look the same. Its a very safe design.