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I agree that Porsche Panamera is the best bet here.
The other aspects of buying a car are depreciations and total costs of ownerships (TCO).
Mind you, I usually drive a car for at least 10 years before I decide to trade or buying a new one.
Back to the original topic, the 6 series are more like collectible items so BMW probably not too worry if they don't sell. From design with cost cutting perspective, one bill fits them all is the way to go these days.

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Too bad we can't haggle that much here since the BMW dealers in Ottawa are very cozy as they have steady customers (diplomats and embassies).

I am babbling just to keep this Ottawa forum alive.

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Ummm, probably. Its too bad the SLS doesn't have a 6MT.

We looked at the 7 series, and between the Panamera, S Class, and Lexus LS -- the BMW 7 series was the least impressive car; the Panny and S Class were the most impressive in contrasting ways.

7 series is a boat, the interior is to die IN c/o slitting one's wrists because its so depressing, and its kind of bland.

While the 5 series wasn't that impressive, it was the best in class (That mid-level luxury class is a rip off, its basically like buying a larger 3 series or larger C-class; at least at the level of the 7 series and Panamera, you get a much much nicer interior, seats, and in the case of the Porsche, handling to die for).

I think the 3 series and 1 series are the best cars that BMW makes.

Cars like the Z4, 6 series, SUVs -- this is not BMW's forte; their forte is 4 door sports sedans, that are 5-series or smaller.

The new 6 series looks pretty bland, like a 7 series without a roof; the last 6 series had character, now all BMW's look the same. Its a very safe design.