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Angry Update

Many thanks for the replies much appreciated. To give you guys an update regardging my tragedy. I went to the BMW dealership (i.e. Sytner Chigwell) this morning and it's going from bad to worse, shocked to say that the repair job is estimated at 1000 pounds ? Honestly so pissed off, instead of giving me comforting words, the people at BMW couldn't stop giving me bad news.

After inspecting the car, Mr " Senior Bodyshop Person" immediately responded by saying you need a new door. But I thought, the left door was slightly dented maybe a 1 degree or so and minor damage to the left panel. I don't know about door handle but it should be fixed by a paint job! Could someone plz tell me, what science they use in order to quote these body repairs but they aren't based on exact rationality. Well there is a word for this kind of behaviour, it's called rip off, suddenly the programme "Watchdog comes to mind" I don't know why!

I have taken some pics on my camera and I will post them onto this forum but I'm 100% sure that these guys don't need to replace the door, I think he's trying to fix me up and I'm sure off it.

Also, I asked him do I need a new door handle he said yes, but while he was speaking to me he filled in a form and he ticked paint only!

Could someone plz tell me what that form does? Also, if the door is replaced will they give me the old door? If, yes, I think I might flog it on ebay, I bet someone might need one!