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Originally Posted by urfankhaliq View Post
, 3 points i got in dec 2007 (so dont need to declare them now)
Even minor speeding points are on your licence for FOUR years from offence nowadays. So yours are valid til Dec 2011 at the earliest. If it went to court then it is 4 years from the conviction, which is even longer.

Aside from that, 99% of insurers ask if you have any offences in the last 5 years which is not related to the 4 years DVLA limit, so you'll still have to tell them up until Dec 2012!!

Originally Posted by uke92dude View Post
Could be the postcode making it a problem. BD7 says "refer" on the tables, which means they don't even quote band F (which is the highest risk)!
We live in a REFER area (M21) its crap - thats why mine is 1200 and rising. (39yrs / full ncb / no bumps or offences)