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Originally Posted by urfankhaliq View Post

Its nearly time to renew my car insurance and I am starting to get quotes and its really annoying!

Why is it soooo expensive!!?

Im 26, 2 years no claims, 3 points i got in dec 2007 (so dont need to declare them now). Postcode (probably the worst bit) is BD7, car kept on the street and no mods, probably worth about 7-8k

Im getting stupid prices like 1.5-2k and thats with an excess of 3k!!!!!!

with a reasonable excess of 500ish its still about 2k!!

Tried the usual - confused, moneysupermarket, gocompare etc etc but can n e one recommend a good broker that can arrange for some reasonable insurance for <1k?

the value of your car plays a tiny part in the quote.

You can do just as much damage with a 7k car as you can a 50k one.

Snow, insurance companies investments not making upi the usual shortfall, the "my neck hurts" brigade, and "I need a ferrari whilst my fiesta is being fixed" have all resulted in premiums going up.