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Originally Posted by Kid Eh View Post
So I was driving the other night when I hit a really deep pothole. Didn't even see it. It was dark and it's under a bridge. It's on Royal York Rd. in the northbound lanes right under the Dundas St West bridge. It made for quite a jolt when I hit it. They are just my winter wheels so I'm debating between buying a refurbished wheel for about $250.00 or getting it straightened for about $100.00. Anybody have any good feedback with places fixing bends in the GTA? The ones I found so far are Union Rim Repair,, and Wheeltek. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
Call the City of Toronto RIGHT AWAY. If you document everything and do it with in a coupl eof days their insurance company will pay for your repairs. I missed reporting by a coupl eof days and was turned down. Another friend got compensated for a wheel and tire. They tell you that ALL holes get fixed within 7 days so file your report inside of that. Good luck.