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Originally Posted by crzylildude View Post
Ok I have done my recall and I can say that my car runs better and respond much quicker than before... I also started using 91 instead of random fuel grade change becoz of fuel cost... but I can say my car is happy now and runs much aggressive than before. Now what i really wanted to check is If my dealer really change my HPFP and injectors or did they just adjust it from the computer... printing the records does not really mean anything... for me i really want to see it if it's new becoz it is going on record... how do i check without going to the dealer (becoz they always BS me about it)... sorry it just shows how much i dn't trust my dealer...
FYI. In the future you are entitled to ask for the OLD parts back. Really no way to check now unless you go back in and do the work again.