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Originally Posted by skansa View Post
on the bad mpg what do u get, and at what mileage and avg speed are you driving?

i dont mind getting somewhere in he 35 mark for a 335d, is this possible in city driving?
I have done the last 3,000 miles in stop-go traffic in town. Basically each trip no more than 10 miles. Hardly warms up. Literally. Avg speed (bit skewed really with this amount of stop-go over short distances) of about 20mph.

Fuel economy sitting at 32 mpg ! When I was running it in before I reached 1k miles I saw 36 mpg on a cruise back to the UK. I would expect even more now. My last car (4.2 Jag) sat at about 16-17 mpg in that city traffic, and in fact NEVER saw more than 28mpg EVER. My 335D goes twice as far .... good thing the little chime comes up to tell me whan I need Diesel.

I really don't see a 335i, even if you drive without using any real revs (beats the point), getting anywhere near that in the journeys I make. And I can use that mountain of torque all the time and still get that mpg I can fly when it takes my fancy, but keep a low profile ... under the radar. Stealth.

Start-up is not an issue to me either. It burbles like a big CC engine. Agree with what Chris wrote. I'd love a button on the gear lever that would emit a puff of black smoke as I pass people so they know it was really a Diesel Because, with the particle filters I have NEVER seen a whiff.

I have other cars for full-on, high-revving, downdraught webers singing with induction roar, straight through big bore exhausts, quick rack steering, quick-shift close ratio box, power slide etc. So the 2-3% of the time I want to enjoy some driving I can ... best of both worlds.

But for daily driving, in amongst others, in town with the same economy as some little "economy" cars - I have the correct car for me

They are both excellent motors, though.


PS : silverbmwz3 - look at the posts outlining how to add cameras to your iDrive Nav Map

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