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Originally Posted by dpazz View Post
How the hell can BMW quote 58mpg for the 320d then? Most of you are stating 35-45mpg as being the norm.

I've joined this forum to research 320d's of which I'm on the hunt for. Now I'm getting a little worried! My main reason for wanting a change is to find something a little better on fuel!
It's all about driving conditions and the variables we encounter.

As a benchmark, what do you get from your current car, compared to the official figures? If you are way down with the current car, you will be with most engines.

My brother in law's 120d M-sport will do near on 60mpg out of town, but in London, so so different. These motors are best at sensible speed, low load cruising.

BTW, I could get high 50's, driving around the Highlands, from a 2000 model B5 Passat 115 TDI PD estate, so high 50's from a late model 320d is really possible in the right conditions.