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Originally Posted by joehoang View Post
I saw somewhere that cobb made less power on a 6AT. Do you know if thats true?
I do not know, to my recollection I haven't seen any 6at dynos.

I bought this product, and returned my v5, because of 2 reasons only.

A) The ability to protune (dyno tune) the Cobb ap at the tuner of your choice. I believe a car custom tuned on a dyno is far superior to any off the shelf map/piggieback that you can get. To clarify, superior in both power and safety/reliability.

B) the ease of installation/uninstallation. The process is extremely simple and quick, and can be done anywhere, anytime, without any tools. This flexibility is invaluable to me, and worth paying for.

Sure the ots Cobb map was a little smoother and more powerful than the v5. But with a dyno tune it's going to be much better and the ease of usage can't be beat.