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Originally Posted by Hellrot Sachin View Post
Gaurav - great review - I'd been waiting for it.. Can you expand a bit on the ride quality over the bumps.. I'm thinking of ordering this kit very soon, but Chicago roads are horrible, especially with the salt of the winter.. How does it do over a long series of small bumps, a big bump, expansion joints. Any change in smooth-ness in straighline good roads? Any increase in noise or vibration? Finally, how does the ride directly compare with sport suspension? Some people will describe it as better even, others say the same, or worse. I'm glad that you find handling dramatically improved, this is something I desperately miss from my e36 M3,

Your car looks great!

Sachin, The ride quality of over bumps is actually spectacular. The suspension reacts extremely quick and dampens out the bumps, whether they are small ones, a succession of bumps or joints. You feel their presence no doubt, but it is not at ALL jarring as the dampening behavior is excellent. There is a controlled smoothness that the OEM suspension just didn't have. Definitely BETTER than the OEM sports....not even close.

Originally Posted by cssnms View Post
Agreed car looks great now, but I too want to know more about the ride quality as compared to the stock sport suspension. I don't want to loosen my fillings. I am looking for a coilover that will provide a good balance between improved handling and something that is comfortable enough to use as a daily driver.

Also, any rattles or squeaks? One issue that has turned me off from the KW's is the known squeking problem. I could not stand having a car that rattles/squeks over bumps.

Please provide updates as you put more miles on them.
So far, there have been no rattles or squeaks from the actual suspension itself. However, there are more sounds coming from within the cabin due to a stiffer ride. The quality of ride is definitely better and you can actually get the OEM like suspension feel by dialing down to softer settings on the dampener.

Originally Posted by Fraggy View Post
Wow, this so has me drooling...

Sorry to ask more questions as so many have been asked already in this thread, but can you please post pics of the damping adjusters, especially the front. Im not as concerned about the rear as I already have cutouts in the trunk liner from the PSS9s. I would assume they adjust in the same place.
I'll take some pics of the front dampener setting knob. Basically, it lies right below the OEM strut bar.