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Originally Posted by N3M35IS View Post
the halos are daytime lights on all e92... on the e90 if the car isnt equipped with xenon then the halos are not daytime.. the inner light would be the daytime light. same goes with e60. on the e92 if your halo isnt on as your daytime running light, its because its turned off. you can turn it back on in the car either through your i drive or the turn signal stalk. (bc)
yeah so i have tried this again today after posting here just to make sure... but it was already on so i turned it off and turned it back on and its the same issue.

so then i tried it with the NEW key and when parked it didnt come on... so tried and tried... and as a final try i put it in reverse and inner lights came on. then put it to drive and the AE came on.

im sure its a electrical glitch somewhere... i mean the automatic seats didnt even work when i bought the car for both passenger and driver... then they have me new fuse and some motor type thing to fix it. so im guessing its the same deal.

and i dont mean to get this thread off track... was just curious.

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