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Originally Posted by 1QuikWS6 View Post
My 09' 328ix has only 10k miles on it. Yesterday, for the 1st time, the oil symbol/chime popped up on the dash when shutting off the car.

When checking the level, it was at 'Min' and stated to add +1 qt.

Is this normal oil usage for these cars?

Should I be concerned and take into stealership?

There are no oil leaks that I can see under the car (although with all the underbody panels an oil leak would go unnoticed), and no visible signs of oil leakage when viewed from top.

I've owned a ton of cars thru my years, and have never had to add oil at such a low mileage value on any of them.

I do check my oil from time to time, and when last checked, the level showed approximately 80-90% of the way to 'Max' on the gauge.
Wouldn't worry about it at all.

Apparently if your car consumes 1qt per every 1000km or 1200km BMW says its ok. lol.
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