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Cross posting this from bimmerforums. I have a few questions regarding Progman:

1) I have v30 installed and running. When connecting to the car, it said I had to update the following modules: CAS, DME, DWA, FZD, IHKA, and KOMBI. I'm a little scared of bricking a module. Has anyone successfully programmed all the modules through Progman?

2) I was also thinking of using Progman to find the updates I need and then WinKFP to update the modules one by one so that I can back up the modules and the update goes quicker. Good idea? Bad idea?

3) I have a battery charger with the following settings: Charge/Start, 2A, 10A, and 55A. What's my best choice?

4) I started to program the alarm that I retrofitted but came up with some options that were not in the instructions. It asks if I have a 90a battery, alarm module, and siren 7 digit part number. Has anyone else ran into this?