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I don't see a lot of difference between what you provided -- in vast detail -- and what I said, other than the level of detail, and the need to feed one's body throughout the day. The basic six small meals a day.

We both said that if if you eat more calories than your body uses, you will gain weight and vice versa if you eat fewer calories than your body uses. That you provided all the info one needs to calculate what one's maintenance caloric intake should be is useful, but not different. Indeed, once one has calculated all that stuff, the fact is that one will tailor their diet accordingly.

As for personal trainers, there are good and bad ones. Mine is excellent. He did the calculations you cited above. He taught me how to read food labels to make sure I'm not buying the wrong things. He structures my fitness activities and he makes working out pleasurable, ensuring the right balance of soreness and results. He also structures my meal plans. When I first started with him, I was on a fat loss diet. Eventually, he had me change my diet to begin to gain weight. Right now I'm on a maintenance diet.

I've been working out with him for a while now. I'm 51, 6 feet tall, thin body type and weight 180 lbs. of which 8% is fat. I can bench 250, run three miles in 20 minutes, and fukk like a rabbit when that's appropriate. My body looks lean and muscled. Most folks think I'm 20 years younger than I am. Nearly none of that was true when I first started with my trainer, indeed, then I weighed 168 and looked thin and flabby.

Sure not all trainers are great. On several occasions I've had long term work assignments away from my home town and I've definitely found some of those less than stellar trainers. One dude even tried to put me on a football player's workout routine. As if that was even remotely appropriate for my lifestyle or body type. I guess he thought he was going to show me that I'd not been working out heavily enough or something....whatever it was, he lasted only three workouts.

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