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Originally Posted by BayerischeMW View Post
George, things are great over here. i swapped out the E46 for an E92 and i'm very pleased

i too am interested in trying Zymol, and would prefer to buy it from someone i've dealt with before and had great experience with. i'm interested in their HD Cleanse, Creame or Carbon wax and their sponges. i found i prefer sponges, but we don't have a big selection of quality sponges over here and i would like to try theirs (silicone free).

can you believe it's been almost 2 years since i bought my first products from you? i wonder if they're still good.
Glad to hear back from you and that things are going well for you. Yes it has been quite a journey over the years, I feel like I've learned so much myself even from the last time you ordered with us. The products should be fine as long as they haven't been subject to extreme temperatures. I'd give them a vigorous shake prior to using them of course.

As far as Zymol, we don't anticipate carrying them anytime in the near future. If you are looking to order from someone in the UK, check out . I've talked to them before and they are good guys to deal with who really know their stuff. Great detailers as well!

Keep us posted on how you make out and if there is a high demand for a specific product line, I will certainly look into it further.

Originally Posted by ADHD View Post
hey george, I just got that FpII from u along with the IP and am wondering how much better the 106ff is and do i really need it?
Also what is your opinionn on the IP/RMG mix?? Im about to try it thanks to the stuff i got from you!!
It really depends on the job at hand. On a properly maintained vehicle, you wouldn't notice the difference as much because there wouldn't be as many imperfections to remove. On neglected vehicles that need some work, I use it as my go-to polish. The abrasives are smaller than Final Polish II but are sharper and more condensed which gives it the cutting power of around an Intensive Polish. Since they are finer it finishes down slightly further removing some micro-marring that Final Polish II can have a difficult time achieving. One of the best benefits is you achieve comparable quality with 1 coat of PO106ff as you can with the two step combination. These observations are my thoughts when using a PC.

When I use my rotary buffer, PO106ff is a no brainer. It's the only polish I can use and feel comfortable bypassing my Porter Cable as a follow up step to remove rotary haze or hologramming. I can't do this consistently on darker colored vehicles, but a majority of the time I can and proceed to protecting the paint. This saves a ton of time when working on customers vehicles and getting very high quality results in the shortest period of time.

As far as the IP / RMG trick is concerned, I use it myself I mix between 20 - 30% Red Moose Glaze with my IP and it tends to give it longer working time, easier product removal, and less dusting. The only downside I can think of it is I don't like the smell ha.

Do I think you need the PO106ff? No. I think you'll get great results with the IP / FPII combo you have. Sometimes I like having the additional cutting power that the IP offers over the PO106ff. In the future if you want to add one more solid product to your arsenal I'd recommend picking it up.

Let us know how you make out with your detail, I'm eager to hear about your results.