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Originally Posted by shaizada View Post
Jose, the install guys had a suggestion about the kit. On the third day after the install, the ring at the bottom of the strut came loose and starting making a sound like loose change. The guys tightened it up again but suggested to make use of a second ring to have a double nut system. Basically have a second ring JUST like that one to make sure the bottom ring doesn't loosen up. Just wanted to pass that along.

They told me to keep checking every now and then on all struts to make sure that ring doesn't come loose.

We used to have a thinner ring in the rear as well ( just the front) but alot of DIYers made mistakes and started to strip the threads because they were turning them in the wrong direction.

If you use both of the tool and grab each side and tighten it, it wont go anywhere.

I will def pass the message to our R&D and figure out something better in the future.