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Originally Posted by jose_sonictuning View Post
I had the coils on my car for two yrs, only checked it twice when i was getting alignment.

If you tighten it correctly you wont have to go back to it. The front setup have double rings on it due to load of the springs, in the rear it doesnt take too much to keep it locked in.

Keep in mind it was just a suggestion, not a problem.
It's easy for us to include extra rings to double lock, but we dont want to run into problems we had previously.
Jose in light of the fact that it loosened is a slight problem as I see it. Now perhaps the installer didn't torque them down enough, but I thought the suggestion was a good one. How does one properly tighten it to prevent it from loosening? Torqueing it down sounds like a simple enough process to me but with all of the vibration the suspension experiences one would think it is only a matter of time before it starts to loosen up unless there is a mechanism in place to keep that from happening.

Do Bilsteins or AST's have two rings on the rear?