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I think my BMW needs a Sig now... damn. Pretty firearm...

Originally Posted by Kroy View Post
5mph? wth are you driving?

can't you just have them fedex it to you or something? maybe break it up in different pieces and ship separately. (may be stupid advice as i don't own a gun and obviously do not know rules of gun trade)
I wouldn't take this illegal advice on shipment.

Originally Posted by slo_guy View Post
I was being facetious about the 5MPG.

There's a required 10 day waiting period when you purchase a gun. I'm not looking to trade, but considering buying used.

10day waiting period???! That's ridiculous. Sorry to hear that. But, The People's Republic of Commiefornia is pretty backasswards on firearms in general. I'm guessing there aren't any hicap mags in your near future either, huh?