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Originally Posted by BMWE90FANATIC View Post
Hi guys i have an urgent request. My mother recently got very sick and i cant afford to pay my verizon bill. Its a share plan with 2 lines. I have a motorola droid and Lg ally the plan is 700 shared minutes, unlimited web and text plus unlimited data. I willing to let the phones go for a low price. THE TOTAL FOR THE BILL EACH MOTHH IS AROUND $175.00. There is 12 months left on the Primary line and 14 month left on the second line. Please if anyone can take this over it will help me help my mother. Thank you guys.
Just cancel the contract. You'll pay a fee for each line but it's better than trying to get someone to take over the line (which I don't think is possible). Good luck and hope your mom gets better.

Also, I would try calling Verizon and explaining your situation, maybe they'll help you out. Either way, you should definitely cancel the extras (like text/data) and sell the phones to help pay for the bill. Good luck.
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And BMWM3 ..I will be filing a harrasment suit against you and/or charges. See you in court very very soon. Thanks.. Have fun with your nonsense.