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Originally Posted by dragon20 View Post
323Imarto I am pretty much wanting just a good sound, better than the stock exhaust How much did the BMW Performance intake cost you? Overall do you think it helped combined with the exhaust? Most people say this does help a little in opening up the car.
I definately noticed an improvement with the Performance Intake. Its not much, but definately seems to rev more smoothly at the top end. There is also a nice improvment in induction growl as well. I can't say I noticed any performance gain from the PE, just a fantastic improvement in sound.

I also looked at the Eisenmann options but they were pretty pricey in comparison, from memory about $2000-2500 I think. When the BMW PE was only $1100 I considered it a no brainer. As mentioned in an earlier post, I think there is a REMUS option for only a little more however I liked the idea of OEM even if not approved in Australia by BMW.

I ordered the PI from bmminiparts in the UK. Its a little while ago now but I think I paid about $800 AUD delivered. Install was really easy using a DIY from this site and was all done in about 15 mins.