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Some beginner porter cable questions...
  • I currently use Zaino. Would you recommend using a PC to apply & buff off Zaino? Or should I stick to doing it manually?
  • Clearcoat: how much usage of a PC + polish is too much? ie. how often should I be using this so that I don't mess up the clearcoat.
  • Recommended polish to start out with? FPII? PO106ff? Z-PC? Others?
  • For a well cared for car, and considering the above questions (polish + sealant application), what pads would one need, other than the white that comes with the starter kit you mentioned? Black for removing haze too I guess. I don't think I have massive swirls, probably light marring, but I haven't done a thorough check.
  • Any other tips / suggestions? I don't think the IP/RMG tip would be useful to me since you said waxes bond over it better and I think Zaino, being a sealant, won't play well with it.
Other than polishing I'd be interested in a PC if it would help cut down my Zaino time.

Thanks, and welcome to the forum!
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