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Okay, have 2000 miles on the car now. So a little more broken in and decided to put some Nitto DRs on the rear. Same exact 2.0 sec 60' times, as too much boost at launch just spins the tires. All 2nd gear launches still. Not bad results considering the diesel shifts into 3rd before you hit 60mph.

Results: 66F ambient temps.

0-60 in 4.5 seconds
1/4: 12.9 at 108.3 mph
0-100mph: 11.0 sec

Had fun with a Black Z4 M-Roadster today. We were side by side waiting to go with nothing but open road ahead. He was on my right. I crept up a little bit so he might see my 335d trunk emblem. Perhaps he might think I was easy prey, lol. He took off squealing his tires, I immediately jumped a couple cars with all my torque. He must of thought he would catch me top end...wasn't happening.

Also, last weekend from the Laker Game (Staples Center) to Ventura County I averaged 43.5mpg over a distance of 52 miles with an average speed of 66.8mph. And the week before that I went from San Fernando Valley to Ventura County and averaged 48mpg! I seriously don't think there are many 3800lb cars that can run 12 sec qtr miles and still get 45mpg on the fwy. This car is truly a rare breed.

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2011 Alpine 335d M-Sport 12.34 @ 110.48mph
2017 i3 Terra
2008 Black 335i Sedan. 11.11@ 129.47 mph
2008 Monaco Blue JB3 2.0 335i Coupe. 11.33 @ 132.77 mph (N54 stock turbo trap speed WR)
60-130mph: 6.95 seconds stock turbo WR (.16% slope)

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