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335d Engine Problems

Hi, I'm New to this Forum.

I bought a 335d about 6 wks ago, which up until Saturday was working fine. Now the engine has developed a strange problem.

When accelerating hard from stand still the car pulls hard in 1st 2nd 3rd gear but by the time the car is into 4th gear at about 80mph the power drops, it feels like there's no boost.

It's like the engine will only maintain boost for about 8 - 9 seconds.

The boost will come back if Iím not driving to aggressively.

There's no smoke or strange sounds, so I doubtís there's anything wrong with the turbo's.

I took the liberty of attaching a web camera under the bonnet so I could see the actuator (of the large turbo) under different engine loads.

It appears that the actuator opens up fully at the same time as the boost drops off, this makes me think the ECU has decided to limit the boost? or could be a problem with the actuator control valve?

Iíll have a look later to see if the boost pipe has come loose.

No warning lights up.

I intend to get the DIS diagnostic package & cable so that I can monitor the boost. Can DIS datalog? It would be nice to see pedal position, engine speed, boost pressure etc while driving.

Any Ideas?

p.s. It's out of warranty.