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I had a terrible experience from Morristown BMW. I bought my car 12/14/10. I've been playing middle man with my old financing co. and BMW Motown concerning the car I traded in. I was told that a payoff check had been sent end of Dec. and it should be there. I called for 2 weeks and they never received anything. I went to the dealership and was told the same thing. I called my old co. again and still nothing from Motown BMW. At that point I returned to the dealer for service and stopped to speak to them again on the matter. I got a tracking # on the check sent out 1/12/11, almost a month after my purchase. I was blatantly lied to on when the check was sent and that it was taken care of. That was finally taken care of on friday 1/21/11, payment was received and processed

During purchase I was eligible for a few options BMW had on CPO cars. I chose them making the 3 payments. I was told it was good to go, wouldn't have to make a payment till april 2011. I proceed to get a bill from BMW financial for my first payment due Jan. 28th. I call financial to see if it was a mistake, it wasn't they never received the paperwork for that, or any notation on my contract. I made numerous calls to the finance guy at BMW of Motown and was told they would fax over the paperwork and get it taken care of. I waited a few days and called BMW financial and they've got nothing. I finally went to the dealer today and saw my finance guy and he said he faxed the stuff over last week and he must have thrown the fax away. Bullshit, you save everything you send. He says he has to go upstairs to find it and comes down with the proper paperwork and says "are these your initials" I say "yes they are, but it's not my handwriting" He blatantly just wrote my initials in on the paperwork to save face. He stares at me blankly and in panic and says we will call right now and have this faxed over. Finally it faxes, he calls the guy it was faxed to and says he will begin to process it. I then called BMWNA and filed a complaint against the dealer. I should not have to play middle man or worry about trade in payoff or anything else. Nor should I have to wait almost a month and a half for this stuff to be taken care of. If I hadn't gone to the dealer I don't think this would have been taken care of. I had a few other issues with personnel over there but this is long enough.

I caution anyone considering buying or trading in to BMW of Motown to re think it. Go somewhere else. I'm very happy with my BMW but the service I got from that dealer was horrendous. I'll buy another maybe when the time comes but not from there. I waited too long to get things done I admit. I should have had this taken care of long before or called BMWNA earlier. Thats my experience hopefully someone can use this info for their good.