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Originally Posted by toxicnerve View Post
Interesting. I'm going to try out Shell V-Power I think. People report smoother/quieter running. Seeing as I'm in warranty I'm reluctant to use additives because I think BMW specifically stiplulate that additives are not to be used.
V-Power makes my 535d hesitate on light throttle at low rpms, just where it sits on a busy A-road or motorway. It's really unpleasant, repeatable and goes away every time I refill with regular diesel. I think it's down to the lower calorific content of the fuel, but others don't seem to notice it so it could just be my car doing something weird.

You should just use Fuelsave diesel though as it's more energy dense and has a greater typical cetane rating than V-Power according to Shell. Not to mention being 6p/litre cheaper and fresher / more likely to be blended to the current weather conditions.

I also wouldn't lose any sleep over adding Millers to a supermarket fuel. It's Euro4 compliant and intended for use with DPFs, can only improve the lubricity and detergent quality of whatever fuel you use and BMW could never determine that you'd added it. The stipulation not to use additives is sound advice in general as the cars are designed to run on regular fuel and it stops most people adding any random snake oil to their tanks which might not be suitable and cause more harm than good. Millers is not snake oil though and it will run better on it.