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PROcede it and Call it a DAY

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What we are starting to find out through other threads is having a flash is conveinant, fast, easy and very user friendly. Now like the post said, the Flash is a generic map that is utilized with many vehicles = Safe, Generic and may not perform to the best of its ability.

The Flash's and Flash Tuner's, unless dyno tuned will never perform to the optimal capability of the car, which is always safe but to us car guys is not the same. Following up with other Threads, these flashs have the capability of returning it back to stock parameters, but BMW is smart and have in essence a "black box" that records valuable information. This information CAN NOT be erased or even tampered with. So raising BOOST will be recorded in the "black box", if they wanted to pull that information for whatever reason.

GIAC just ran into a problem trying to reload the factory files back into the DME but with the new BMW update means a new part number was issued for that DME...