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Originally Posted by wuchao1 View Post
Well after installing this lights I have to say I now believe that the BMW system to the HID bulb and ballest is just magic LOL When I first had it installed, there were this complete bulb out warning (red car on a lift), then after a day the warning never showed up again, but my driver side low beam starts to goes out when temp is cold and I have to turn the high beam on til the unit is warm so the low beam can stay on.. and after a long drive from michigan to boston and back, now the light is all perfectly normal (other than all those error..) And couple days ago when I went to get my car washed, I guess water got in to the light and my right low beam quit working for couple hours and then after the waters gone it went back to normal
I guess those lights and the system just has their own way to figure things out LOL
o well... HAHA
Be sure to seal it up, when water evaporates it will leave the film od water deposits inside of the light. And I don't know if it is possible to get rid of it. Also during rains you don't want to see dirty water spots inside. Just suggestion...