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Hey guys. I'm running the JB4 @17 psi, meth, a DCI, a FMIC, and catless downpipes on my red '09 335i. Maybe one of you has seen me racing at RPR (formerly HRP). I got the JB4 as part of the alpha testing group in December. It has a lot of really cool features and the best tech support you could want. I ran the JB3 before that. IMO, the JB3/JB4 is easy to install and uninstall after you've done it once. It takes about 45 minutes to do it the first time. "Ease of install" shouldn't be a determinative criterion when both kits are easy to install and the install only happens once (or once a year after you go in for service).

Houston feels dead with respect to both the N54/N55 community and the broader car enthusiast community. I'd love to get together for some runs some time. I rarely find any action in this damn town. Obviously, I'm into the power and racing side of things. I really couldn't give a sh!t about some "angel eyes," the exact description of my car's exterior or interior color, or a photo op. Platform's been out 5 years, cars are everywhere you look, and it's not a freakin' Ferrari. Anyway, PM me or post if you'd like to meet for a run. I am looking for an oasis in this desert.