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Lovely wee run in with a 335i this morning...

Now, dont get me too old to be a boy racer, but i do have a few wee bits and bobs done to the wee Clio 172 that makes it, well....peppy. And i like to use it.

So had a wee traffic light head to head with an E91 335i this morning (didnt know they made an E91 one of those....yummy. Seriously want one.)

There was nothing in it really which I was obviously happy about, up to legal speeds anyway....

But i just wanted to say, i always thought that the turbos would mute the noise but oh no.....that engine sounds EXQUISITE.....utterly fantastic actually.

Suppose anythign would over my sewing machien engine.

If that sound was a "thing", I would liken it to the soft area of Scarlett Johannsen's upper thigh.